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What Is Virtual

A Virtual Experience is NOT a live stream or webcast. A live stream or webcast IS a one-way video/audio stream of an event or meeting that may have a live chat component.


A Virtual Meeting [VM] is a MORE immersive experience. It is the live stream of your content - and - the live stream of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of participants. There can be a Host leading, directing, or emceeing. The audience can see the Host, Presenters, Key Note Speakers, and all of their content, videos, anything that you would normally see at a live event. Now the cool part - your Host, Presenters, and Speakers can see and dialogue with their audience! This is a much more complete connection for everyone involved.

  • Where are you based?
    We live in Central Florida. That being typed, although we do some work in the Orlando area, most of our gigs are out of state and out of country.
  • Do you do government work?
    Have you ever seen a government RFP [Request For Proposal]? Not fun stuff! But yes, we have worked on the Mall in Washington DC, around the country supporting seated and former Presidents, as well as work for the Mayor of Japan and the Royal Family in Qatar.
  • What is the largest audience for an event you produced?
    • San Francisco Red Bull Air Race: 530,000 Live Audience • Sochi Winter Olympic Opening Ceremonies: 3,000,000,001 Televised Audience
  • What is the smallest audience for an event you produced?
    Corporate meeting for an unnamed Central Florida theme park with a mouse for a spokesthing... Seven attendees. One of the toughest, high level events we ever took on.

Want to know how your next meeting or event can go virtual? Click here to schedule a call to answer all of your questions about doing your thing virtually!

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