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What Is Virtual

A Virtual Experience is NOT a live stream or webcast. A live stream or webcast IS a one-way video/audio stream of an event or meeting that may have a live chat component.


A Virtual Meeting [VM] is a MORE immersive experience. It is the live stream of your content - and - the live stream of dozens, hundreds, or thousands of participants. There can be a Host leading, directing, or emceeing. The audience can see the Host, Presenters, Key Note Speakers, and all of their content, videos, anything that you would normally see at a live event. Now the cool part - your Host, Presenters, and Speakers can see and dialogue with their audience! This is a much more complete connection for everyone involved.

Want to know how your next meeting or event can go virtual? Click here to schedule a call to answer all of your questions about doing your thing virtually!

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